This Page is dedicated to reporting all news related to Geoff Landon and Geoff Landon adn the Wolfpack.
Country Music news from Geoff Landon and the wisconsin country music industry!


2 responses to “Comments

  1. I got to see Geoff Landon and the Wolfpack last Saturday and I had the best time ever! I love country music and He did great! I would love to hear him sing Angel Eyes from Love and theft. I think that would be a great song. Keep up the good job and I would love to have him play for my birthday party! I will make sure i see him again!

  2. St Ritas fair August 16,2013
    Geoff Landon has an awesome voice and the wolfpack is a great band ! What a combination, wow. They sang songs they wrote themselves and it made you want to hear them again. I,ve never bought a CD of a band that was at a fair before ,but I bought theirs. I’m looking forward to hearing more of their original songs.

    Definately a band i want to see live again.

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